10 Things Every Luxury Hotel Room Should Have

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For business needs

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Our Services

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• Business Centre/Services

• Outdoor Pool

• Parking Space Available

• Shopping Available

• Restaurant and Bar

• Conference Halls

• 24-Hours Laundry Service

• Free WiFi Internet

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Most times if you check some hotels, it will surprise you to see that they do not have some basic and essential things. We have compiled a list of things that every luxury hotel should have when you visit them.

Outlets by the bed

This is very important because everyone is practically glued to their smartphones and it can be really frustrating to find out there aren’t any plug holes around the bed. If a hotel will make you get up and search around the room for an outlet, then that isn’t luxury.


Many people who travel are usually with a lot of bags they need to keep. It wouldn’t be nice if there wasn’t enough storage to keep those bags. Also, the bathroom should have enough space for toiletries storage. There have to be enough compartments to store the necessities that guests carry with them.

Plenty of towels

Why would you call it a luxury when you can find just one towel in the bathroom? Some guests like to have more than one towel for use and it can be disappointing if they will have to reuse a wet towel because of the lack of towels. It is always best to have a couple of towels around.

Blackout curtains

Hotel rooms are mostly booked so people can sleep and by sleep, meaning without any interruption. It would be great to have blackout curtains that will keep out the lights from outside penetrating and even noise.


It wouldn’t make sense to have customers paying for internet after having spent a luxury for a night. A good hotel should give people access to the internet so they can get work done.


Giving your customers a little plush robe to wear after the shower is a way to pamper them.


Considering the cost of a luxury hotel, it would not be right to have your customers pay for a bottle of water. There should be at least two bottle waters waiting on the table for them.


Most people value their privacy when they check into hotels. Every hotel should have a private place where people can concentrate on their business. It would be really frustrating for people to check in a hotel where there is a lot of noise around and you are unable to concentrate.

A safety deposit box

A safe deposit box serves many purposes especially if you are in a hotel. It is the safest place to keep your passport and other confidential documents. Also, you can safely tuck some of your cash in it so you can have peace of mind even though you trust the hotel staff.

A hair dryer

Ladies will need to take care of their hair and it doesn’t make sense packing huge items like a hairdryer when you travel. Many hotels usually provide this especially luxury hotels. It would be great if a hotel can invest in a quality hairdryer for their guests.